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Zakusala Embankment, Riga / Latvia I SIA Merks


ARTEC Architekten
Bettina Götz und Richard Manahl
Am Hundsturm 5
A - 1050 Wien

Jakub Dalek, Bernadette Krejs, Irene Yerro

Visualisierungen: Panajota Panotopoulou; Ivan Zdenkovic, Zdenkovic/Gold

The Zakusala twin towers form the entrance for the future development of the island.
In correspondence to their particular importance , the towers are related to the most important landmark of Riga: St. Peter`s cathedral.
Like the churchtower, the new towers are divided into three sections, following the inner functions of the building:
The socle- 18 floors of apartments- 4 stories with top apartments
In between there is always a public terrace level to separate the three parts of the towers.

The specific twist of the towers allows unique appearance from every point of view: the towers never look the same.
Especialley the oblique shape gives a dynamic touch to the new buildings.
The floorplan of the tower itself is developed out of sustainable and economic reasons:
Natural daylight for the access zone on each level of the building
simple and functional organisation of elevators, staircases and ascending pipes
simple concrete structure
each floor can be filled up with different apartments- connected to the wished mix of apartment sizes
A large, fully glased loggia with panoramic view is the specific quality of each apartment.

The fassades are- in accordance with the specific attitude of a high rise- as glassed as possible.
Black glas or metall panels in front of the ceilings and paraphets of the sleeping rooms structure the building.
The green curtains in all the loggias give a lively atmosphere to the buildings


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