ARTEC Architekten

Giants Causeway Visitor Center


Lena Schacherer, Burkhard Schelischansky, Helmut Lackner

zdenkovic-gold and (CAD-Visualisation)

Structural, Bldg. Components Tech.:
Peter Bauer, werkraum wien - ingenieure, Wien

A transfer station to a chapter of history of our planet

Exhibition and object of interest is the layer of basalt structure directly under the green surface.
The outer layer of the building is generated by cutting the lawn surface and lifting it to create the buildings shell.
The structural framework of the warpage is a hexagonal steel grid, similar to the basalt - similar but geometrically clear in contrast to the stone formation.

In the display areas of the visitor centre the floor is left open to define the theme and to emphasise the essence of the exhibition. A dark area for video presentation is attached.
Different areas of use are defined by boxes which let the space above these flow.
See-through visibility of the glass façade diminishes the introspection of the specific area (exhibition, office, toilets).

The covers of the room deviding elements are illuminant, the basalt structure in the exhibition space is lighted from beneath the walkways.
Visitors get an elevated overall view of the world heritage site from the defined picnic area.


ARTEC Architekten. Catalogue fort he internet project of, Alena Hanzlova (editor), Prag 2006


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