Fuzzy House

Cologne / Germany


A system employing three panels with a proportion of 3:1 was selected as a basic ordering principle. From it we developed a two-story cube, with each edge measuring 840 cm, in which the load-bearing structure is executed, both in terms of geometry and production, as standardized, partially prefabricated house. A simple rule yielded a spatially complex structure: in the floor plan the middle panel is shifted outwards – the 280 cm shift is equal to the width of the panel, but the joint that is created is enclosed with the exterior wall. All openings and the apertureless exterior walls are derived from a 280 cm grid.    Core-insulated, precast concrete units and CLT panels serve as structural elements. The exterior walls have two wythes: the load-bearing inner wythe and the thinner outer one – the latter untreated. The floors, of precast concrete units, are – where there is no additional floor assembly – sanded and waterproofed. Large-format post-and-rail elements made of larch – and clad on the exterior in black aluminum – frame the glass facades.

exhibition „Architektur“ in the galleries of  Max Hetzler and Philomene Magers, Cologne

Team ARTEC Architekten:
Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl

ARTEC Architekten

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ARTEC. Plan Modell Foto. Exhibition catalogue, Architekturforum Tirol, 1995.

Mediagramm, ZMK Karlsruhe, December 1993.