kindergarten Stadtpark


Vienna 3


The concept foresees a double-height continuous space that offers a variety of spatial qualities to all the different classes. The aim is to create a spatial loop with hidden paths. Each class receives its own stair linking the two main levels. On the one hand, these stairs (“wormholes”) structure the space (by creating niches), and are, on the other hand, part of the structural system. Airy, gently sloped main stairs are situated on the ends of the building and between the classroom zone and the playhouse. A special retreat – an “island” for the children – is created by the “interior terrace” atop the sanitary cores. Bridges from the gallery provide access to these retreats.

invited competition

client: MA Wien

Team ARTEC.Architekten:
Bettina Götz and Richard Manahl
Michael Murauer, Anna-Maria Wolf, Gerda Polig, Johannes Giselbrecht
models: Gül Cakar

open space planning: Land in Sicht - DI Thomas Proksch